It is impossible to deny that smartphones and devices connected to them are an indispensable part of our site lives. Many users make mistakes that shorten the life of their smartphones. Considering that repairing smartphones or switching to a glokalna new one is expensive, we will consider how you can get rid of these errors. i make $70,000 a year how much house can i afford pozatorun

Worst habits of smartphone users
If you want to make your smartphone more useful for your daily work, we recommend you to take a look at the suggestions listed below.

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1) Don’t wait for the battery to reset turek24
According to recent research, lithium-ion batteries in phones have a maximum usage time of between 30 tomaszowiak percent and 80 percent. That’s why you shouldn’t charge it to 100 percent and then wait for the battery to reset.

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2) Check the temperature
Among the errors that shorten the life of the smartphone is temperature control. lsw24 Apple, Samsung, and many other manufacturers do not recommend that your devices go below 0°C or above 35°C. If your environment radzyninfo is cold, you can keep your phone in your pocket to benefit from the warmth of your body, or keep wcj24 it out of direct sunlight for a long time in hot conditions.

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3) Track app usage
Android and iOS operating systems allow elubin keeping apps open in the background. Therefore, you may prefer to keep an application nowinynyskie that you use frequently open instead of deleting it from the background. Keep in mind that starting an app from terazprudnik scratch will consume more energy than keeping it open in the background.

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4) Avoid over-application czasostrzeszowski
You can choose password manager applications such as 1Password, LastPass and Bitwarden for your kurierprzasnyski passwords, websites or habits that you use in different operating systems.

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5) Don’t fall for the free app trap
Few of the free apps shared as trial versions fb-search are really useful. Think twice before downloading free photo editing, video cropping or face swapping nexhome apps. Because after using it a few times, you will be less likely to use it again.

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Google Play Store continues its weekly free app and game campaign. The company, which organized a big campaign of 514 TL last week, made 13 applications and 14 games with a total value of 886 Turkish liras for free this week.

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You can install this week’s free apps on your smartphone and tablet with the Android operating system.

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Once installed, the application will be saved to your Google Play account, so it will remain with you for life. However, it should be noted that the campaign is not indefinite and will end in 10 days.

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Google Play Store made 886 TL application and game free
You can find free apps and games provided by Google Play Store in the list below. Click once on the


app you want to download and open it in the Play Store. Then you can download it without paying any money by clicking the “Install” button. By the way, the download time may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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Samsung will hold the Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event in the coming days. The technology giant will introduce the Galaxy A series smartphones in the middle segment at this event.

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Among the devices that the company will introduce at the event is the Galaxy A53 5G model. According to new leaks, this model will have a camera feature that was not previously included in mid-range smartphones.

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Another model to be introduced together, the Galaxy A73, had a strong camera leak news. 1800officesolutions Therefore, it is thought that there is a share of truth in the leaks of both phones. So, what is the remarkable function of the device, whose technical features and image were leaked, on the camera? Let’s take a look together. interior design in pune


Another function of the smartphone, whose technical features and design has already been leaked, vegas insider secrets has emerged. Sudhanshu Ambhore, who frequently makes phone leak news from Twitter, tweeted for the Galaxy A53 5G. The tweet shared by the user includes the phone’s image and a list of technical specifications.

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In the list of Galaxy A53 5G features, the 8K/24fps video recording feature, which was not included in previous leaks, drew attention. This feature,

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which was previously only available on flagship phones, will land in the middle class for the first time.


Another remarkable issue in the same leak was the lack of the charger in the box. The news of Samsung removing the charger from the boxes of its mid-range phones came


in the past few days. The company, which first applied to its flagship models, will apparently apply this policy to mid-segment phones as well.

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General Mobile showcased the first generation GM Watch smartwatch alongside the GM 22, GM 22 Plus and GM 22 Pro smartphones at its launch event earlier this year. Today, we are here with the GM Watch review video.

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GM Watch has increased its product range in the field of wearable technology, which has become widespread in recent years. Smart watch; It offers a compact and stylish

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design with its metallic circular design and silicone band with four different color options.

GM Watch review! What does it offer users?
We continue to present you with different content on the Green Robot YouTube channel. In this video, we examine the GM Watch smartwatch.

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Without further ado, let’s leave you alone with our video. Enjoy watching. GM Watch; It weighs 62 grams and measures 48 mm x 48 mm x 12.9 mm. The smart watch, which comes with a 1.28 inch TFT LCD touch panel, has a screen resolution

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of 240×240 pixels. On the other hand, it has 2D Panda screen protection technology.

The device has a total of 12 sports modes, including indoor and outdoor, such as running, walking, cycling, treadmill, indoor cycling, climbing, football, basketball, tennis and badminton. At this point, the exercise data is recorded, analyzed


and presented to the user in the form of a report via the CyweeMotion algorithm. The smart watch has various features that measure and analyze health data such as 24-hour continuous heart rate measurement, sleep tracking, blood oxygen measurement,

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calorie tracking, pedometer, activity tracking, feminine health tracking and breathing exercises.

In the first place, 5 different internal dials appear in the product. However, if users wish, they can customize their smart watches according to their tastes with

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more than 40 dial options via the application of the same name. The battery of the model, which comes with Bluetooth 5.1 support and IP68 certification, is 300 mAh. The watch, which offers a battery life of up to 10 days

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in normal use, can be easily charged with its magnetic socket cable when it is discharged.

GM Watch features
Display: 1.28 inch TFT LCD touchscreen, 240×240 pixel resolution, 2D Panda screen protection lojas de materiais de construção
Battery: 300 mAh, 10 days usage time
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1
Health data: Heart rate measurement, sleep tracking, blood oxygen measurement, calorie tracking, pedometer, activity tracking, feminine health tracking and breathing exercises

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Band colors: Blue, black, red and green
Weight: 62 g

Elon Musk recently suspended Twitter purchases for a while, on the grounds that he was disturbed by spam accounts and was not cleaned. The famous businessman wants


Twitter to be a democratic and free space where everyone can express their opinions. For this reason, he thinks that spam accounts should be cleaned from the platform and an authentication system should come.


Famous businessman Elon Musk made some statements about his algorithm on his Twitter account last night. He then stated that he was actually just trying to guess what Twitter users might read and was not malicious. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.